Jumat, 19 November 2010

Free download Cheat Engine Terbaru 5.6.1

Cheat Engine terbaru
# Rightclicking on registers(multiple locations) saves them to the clipboard
# The values of dissect data can now be saved to disk
# Auto Assembler script entries have a small
# The commonmodulelist.txt has been updated with some extra dll's that have nothing to do with the game (thanks to psych)
# AutoAssembler: You can't move the cursor beyond the end of a line anymore
# Pointerscan: Pointerscanner now tells you that pressing stop is a stupid thing to do
# Pointerscan: doubleclicking an pointer with invalid base now adds it anyhow. (In case the base becomes valid again later)
# Several extra window positions are now saved when the option to save the position is enabled (included pointerscan and autoassembler)
# CE now notifies you if it thinks there's not enough dispace left
# Default pointer option is now set back to insert instead of append
# Added a "Same as first scan" hotkey option
# When opening a new process and chosing to disable everything now also disables entries in advanced options
Untuk Download bisa klik link dibawah ini :


2 komentar:

  1. Cheat engine ini aplikasi buat game yach sob????? soalnya saya kurang paham nih,, sering dengan orang bilang cheat tapi gak ngerti cheat itu apa????

  2. iya sob...bener banget tu buat game.....


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